Sunday, 11 October 2009

Gift and Treat Fair, Chipping Norton 10/10/09

I attended this fair yesterday and it was very disappointing. I made one sale which was in the last half hour of the day. This is my worse fair experience to date. I dont know whether people were just not buying or just not buying from me.

There were lots of people milling around.

Oh well, onwards and upwards as they say.

My next fair is at Langdale Hall, Witney, Oxfordshire on Saturday 24 October 2009.

Keep beading!


  1. The credit cruch is biting for people,hope you have a better day at the next fairx

  2. I think it is just this year - sorry to here it wasn't great. Fingers crossed the next one is better for you x

  3. Hope they get better for you. I have only done one this year and it was quite dire. Have a stall at a local Xmas fayre in November though so hoping to get some sales then.
    Take Care.

  4. Some people aren't buying, others throw their money around like it's going out of style. Maybe no one wanted to buy jewellery.

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