Monday, 4 May 2009

Ok what have I actually done today: (Friday May 1st)

Got up at about 7.15 and did the usual shower, dressed, made kids lunches – I know they are probably old enough to do it themselves LOL.

8.15 left the house and took kids to school.

8.35 mechanic came to take car for MOT – car has cost us a fortune this last couple of months – new brakes, 4 new tyres (£130 each ouch!). Thankfully it passed!

Now to the good stuff LOL.

Once everyone has gone and I get the house to myself I can have breakfast and a cuppa in peace.

I check all of the internet things I need to check – emails, nail stuff as I am a moderator on a Nail Forum and I deal with the “Contact Us” in box – can be up to a couple of hundred emails per day but most of them are for little blue pills or other enhancements but you do get the odd one where I have to help with registration issues, advertisement requests etc. etc.

I am working on a commission for a friend who is going to a wedding and wants something made to match her dress – I think she wants a necklace and bracelet.

This is what I have done so far:

She loves it, but it was a practice piece to see how the colours went together. I managed to break a thread when doing the netting which split the peyote strip and my patch up job is not to my satisfaction so I need to do it again anyway.

I have another design which I am doing a bit of which is herringbone rings threaded together and I will see which one she likes best.

Not much else today.

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