Monday, 4 May 2009

Saturday 2nd May

My day started off really well. As usual my lovely hubby brought me tea and toast in bed and I got to have about an hour of peace and quiet to read – I finished R for Ricochet and started S for Silence.

Here’s me thinking it couldn’t get any better than this LOL.

Doorbell rang – postie bringing me the best thing in the world to receive – well if not chocolate – BEADS!

I entered one of (Nemeton) Lynn’s Treasury riddles last week and won – I won a chocolate button cuff.

When my two daughters saw it they both loved it and asked if I would make one for them – K wanted frosted silver lined grey satin with either black or white buttons and A wanted frosted silver lined crystal with, not quite sure what colour buttons yet LOL.

I managed to finish K’s one but I sewed the buttons on too close together, she said it is fine and is wearing it now – I did offer to go and get another two buttons, which I might do during the week.

Another parcel which came, well apart from trousers for hubby LOL, was from Lesley – I had seen her picture of one of the ribbon beads on this weeks work and when she posted the link about raising funds to adopt an elephant, I ambled over to check it out. Lo and behold there was this fantastic bead. After a couple of false starts at ordering, I was clicking so quickly so as not to lose out that I put it in the basket twice and it kept telling me I couldn’t have it. I stepped away from the keyboard for a nanosecond and calmed down and tried again. Success!

Info here on the elephants...

Enjoy my ramblings!

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