Thursday, 7 May 2009

Sunday 3 May 2009

Not really done much today although I got a real treat this morning. As yesterday was the first Saturday of the month we had a farmers market on and we got duck eggs, one of my favourites.

So I had a boiled duck egg with soldiers for breakfast – yum!

I have just pottered about with trying to finish things off which were in need and taking pictures of things which needed photographed.

I have a nail client who is a prison chaplain and always wears a cross of some description. Last year she asked me to make her one using bronze beads. She has now asked me to do her a more summery one.

She also had this crystal cross and she wanted it on something more exciting than a bit of thong.

I am still pushing the Etsy thing – I was featured in a treasury yesterday which was great.

I also discovered coriandr which is a UK version similar to Etsy but very much in its infancy. I thought I would give it a try.

I did the beading for A’s bracelet but we just need to shop for buttons now before I can photograph and show it.

I am still working on designs for my friends necklace for the wedding. Here is another suggestion – not sure I like it with all the separate colours but maybe with all the links being in the soup mix might be nicer. I think I will lose the lacky bands and bulldog clips though LOL. Oh and I will finish off the threads.

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