Thursday, 7 May 2009

Tuesday 5 May 2009

Everything back to normal today – kids at school, hubby at work.

About 6 years ago we had an extension done to the house. The front used to have a mud drive the width of a single car garage. Then there was grass a concrete path and grass on the other side.

When we did the extension we blockpaved 3/4 of the front so we could now get two cars on the drive and we left a bit of earth - this was actually where the skip sat when the building work was being done LOL.

When it was all finished we couldnt decide what to do with it - it went to weeds then after a while we dug it over but still couldnt decide what to do so it went to wilderness again.

We then thought about having two "terraces" and having it as raised beds.

Andy was going to do this using sleepers but he was never getting round to it so eventually about a month ago he said why dont we just get a builder in - it would take him two days, it has taken us 6 years LOL. So we got a quote and he started this morning. I have taken a before picture and I will take an after picture, eventually!

In my defence, that is not my version of the naughty step - I dont make my daughter sit there - there is actually 4 of them in there playing their DS's as it was a lovely day and the truck is more comfortable than the step LOL

I have also been working on some “friendship” bracelets – basically I have made two almost identical bracelets and I will sell them as a pair – one for you and one for your best friend. But I haven’t sewn the button fastening on yet. A great suggestion has been made to call them "Buddy bands". I like that!

You are certainly getting multi views of my “threads” LOL.

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