Monday, 11 May 2009

Wednesday 6 May 2009

Wednesday is my manic day LOL.

I am currently Chair of Governors at the Junior school where my girls went and every Wednesday morning I meet with the Head and Deputy and talk about management stuff.

I left there at 10.45 ish and went to Tescos to do my normal shopping.

I got home about 11.30 had a quick chat with the builder and then attended to the mail both physical and electronic.

At just before 12 there was a knock at the door and a very exhausted postie handed me the package of magazines which Lynn sent. I can hopefully now get to work on my May mallow and chocolate challenge as I was determined I was not going to do my usual flat spiral LOL.

At about 1.45 I go out again to meet my friend for coffee at her house – we do this every Wednesday – fab!

Pick up kids at 3.30 ish and then quickly home – brush teeth – back out at 4.15 to pick up hubby for family dentist check up at 4.35.

Home about 5.15 – quick sandwich and smoothie for me then out at 5.45 for Full Governors meeting at 6 pm.

Phew are you exhausted yet – I know I am LOL.

Thankfully I managed to move the meeting along quickly and smoothly and I got home just before 8.

I am having withdrawal symptoms as I have done no beading at all today!

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