Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Sunday 10 May 2009

Well today I went to the BWG Bead Bazaar. Never been to one before I did not know what to expect, beads I hear you all shout – yes I know LOL.

What I am always amazed at the difference in price between the seed beads. Most people will say that Japanese are the best but even among the Japanese companies there seems to be a huge difference – there are Matsunos, Miyukis, Tohos to name but three and they seem to range in price from £3-£4 per 100g to £12-£14 per 100g. Is it really worth paying the higher price and I am not even talking delicas here. I got a selection of different types so I can see if there is a difference using them for the projects I use them for.

Then there are Czech seeds which I believe are possibly not as uniform and therefore slightly less expensive. Not that any beads are that expensive in the grand scheme of things.

I came home with a reasonably heavy bag of treasures for about £60 – if that had been nail stuff it would have been in the hundreds LOL.

Here is my haul:

I bought 2 Murano esque donuts.

3 hanks of charlottes

4 different colours of Miyuki seeds

5 lots of Matsunos

And a 500g bag of I don’t know what, size 11 glass seed beads because my daughter liked the colour and they were less than the least expensive 100g ones I mostly buy LOL.

I didn’t stay very long as I was a bit overwhelmed with the ladies elbowing in – it was worse than Next’s sale!

I also wanted home to watch the Spanish Grand Prix LOL.

Sorry Lynda I didn’t stay long enough to meet you but it was really hot and cramped that my blood pressure was rising. Maybe next time.


  1. I know what you mean about being overwhelmed. I've only been to one relatively small bead show and I had a lot of difficulty making decisions. I had a budget to spend and I was hard pressed to spend half of it because of being overwhelmed!

  2. Wow good stash! I'll be interested in the results of your test. x